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We are retired business people who have had personal stressful experiences of Unicomís business practices.  We can honestly say that in our lifetime of being in business, they are in our opinion, by far the worst company we ever had to deal with.

We were so appalled by our own experiences and so shocked to read on the Internet that many thousands of others were having distressing problems with  Unicom / Verastar that we decided to set up this web site to try to bring people together and try to bring Unicom to the attention of the authorities.

We were also concerned by the large numbers of negative reviews and comments which were regularly deleted from the Internet after intervention from Unicom / Verastar

Since we set up this site, we have been viewed thousands of times and we have heard from hundreds of people who had tried to dispute their problems with Unicom but failed to find a resolution.  We try to help by pointing people in the right direction, by making them aware of Ofcom General Conditions, by making them aware of their rights as consumers and by reassuring Unicom customers that they are not alone with the problems they are having.

We have helped many Unicom customers who believed their termination fees were unfair to have their termination fees waived.  We have also helped a number of people who had paid termination fees to get their termination fees refunded.

We do this work voluntarily and we are self funding

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Disclaimer:  Any suggestions given on this site are our opinions and not a substitute for legal advice from a solicitor or an organization like Citizens Advice.