Please Note - this site ( is not maintained by Unicom Telecom who are also known as Universal Utilities and Switchingon.  

For details of how to make a complaint direct to Unicom Telecom please visit Unicom's MAIN web site at OR visit Unicom's NEW complaints web site at unicom-complaints.COM


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The purpose of this website is to try and bring together the large numbers of people having problems with

Unicom Telecom / Universal Utilities / Switchingon

Our aim is to bring people together and to bring Unicom Telecom to the attention of the various authorities by presenting them with a large number of written complaints from consumers who believe that Unicom's Terms and Conditions, code of practice for sales and their debt collection strategies are unfair.

We won't be publishing any complaints we receive on this site and any emails we receive will be available for the authorities such as Ofcom, Ombudsman Services, Trading Standards etc.  Any communications we might receive from Unicom Telecom / Universal Utilities / Switchingon about this web page will be published online in the News Page

We would also like to hear from former Unicom Telecom / Universal Utilities staff who left because they disagreed with their business practices.

Click on links to view a vast collection of links to complaints, comments, reports and reviews about Unicom Telecom / Universal Utilities

 It has to be noted that a large number of comments about Unicom have been deleted or edited from the various Internet forums and a number of web sites and Face Book pages have been removed after intervention from Unicom Telecom / Universal Utilities  

It speaks volumes that one particular thread entitled ‘Can Unicom charge me cancellation fees’ on the Money Saving Expert forum has been viewed over an astonishing 77,000 (SEVENTY SEVEN THOUSAND)  times to date (13th April 2015) and rises daily.  (Many postings on this thread have been deleted and many postings that remain have had 'text deleted by forum team' after intervention by Unicom)

 We have set up a 'support group' where people having problems with Unicom Telecom / Universal Utilities can contact others to share experiences and help and support each other. We also try to offer guidance of Ofcom's General Conditions using our own personal experience and the knowledge from our research.  We do all this voluntarily.

Please send your Unicom Telecom / Universal Utilities experiences to

If you have exhausted the Unicom / Universal Utilities complaints procedure but have not managed to resolve your problems, please contact us at and we might be able to help


John Healey MP raised an adjournment debate in Parliament about Unicom Telecom on Wed 26th Nov 2014  naming Unicom as a ‘shameful company that was ripping off his elderly vulnerable constituent (Mr Jones) for £3,500 in termination fees’.  Mr Healey MP also criticised the Ombudsman Services for failing to protect his constituent.  Mr Jones had battled with Unicom for two and a half years but within 48 hours of this matter being raised in The House of Commons, Unicom had released Mr Jones from the contract and waived the termination fees. Details can be seen by clicking on this link



Results of the Ofcom investigation were due to be released in Autumn 2014 then in February 2015 but have been delayed


Ofcom suggests that all consumers/businesses that have experienced problems with their communications provider call our contact centre and make a

 formal record of their complaint. Our contact centre advisors can also provide specific advice on the appropriate next steps. The relevant numbers are

 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040 and we are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


Unicom Telecom has been featured five times to date on Radio 4 in the 'You & Yours' consumer programme.  Please click here for links to listen to the Radio 4 programmes about Unicom


Unicom Telecom was featured on BBC 1 'Rip-off Britain' on 1st October 2014 and although it is no longer available on iPlayer, a summary of the programme can be seen here



How one man took matters into his own hands to stop unwanted cold sales calls and successfully sued several companies for damages amounting to thousands of pounds  


Home improvement company receives £50,000 fine for hundreds of unlawful calls