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The purpose of this website is to try and bring together the large numbers of people having problems with

Unicom Telecom / Universal Utilities /

  We would like to ask as many people as possible to send us an email with brief descriptions of your experiences of Unicom Telecom and after we have collected a large significant number, we will send them all to the relevant authorities.

  We also try to offer guidance of Ofcom's General Conditions to people having problems with Unicom using our own personal experience and the knowledge from our vast amount of research.  We do all this voluntarily.

Several others have attempted to bring people together in the past but their efforts were very quickly thwarted and their gripe web sites, blogs and Facebook pages forced to shut down after intervention from Unicom.  We are doing things differently and we won't be publishing any complaints we receive online. Any emails we receive will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be available for the authorities such as Ofcom, Ombudsman Services, Trading Standards etc.   Any communications we might receive from Unicom / Universal Utilities about this web page will be published online in the News page

  Please send your Unicom ‘experiences' to  with an email address should the authorities wish to make contact with you for further details.

We would also like to hear from former Unicom staff who left because they disagreed with Unicom's business practices.

  It speaks volumes that one particular thread entitled ‘Can Unicom charge me cancellation fees’ Money Saving Expert has been viewed over an astonishing 60,000 (SIXTY THOUSAND)  times to date (11th August 2014) and rises daily.   In addition, there are hundreds of complaints about Unicom on other forums and blogs.  It must also be noted that a large number of comments have been deleted or edited from the various Internet forums after intervention from Unicom.

(Click on links to view a vast collection of links to complaints, comments, reports and reviews about Unicom)

  Unicom has already been investigated by Ofcom twice in the past following complaints by consumers and by BT.

  Our aim is to bring people together and to bring Unicom to the attention of the various authorities by presenting them with a large number of written complaints from consumers who believe that Unicom's Terms and Conditions, code of practice for sales and their debt collection strategies are unfair.

Please send your Unicom experiences to

UPDATE 31st MARCH 2014




How one man took matters into his own hands to stop unwanted cold sales calls and successfully sued several companies for damages  


Home improvement company receives £50,000 fine for hundreds of unlawful calls